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Take the hassles out of getting your documents notarized with mobile public notary services

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Notarizing documents is an essential endeavour you need to follow when dealing with finalizing of paperwork for a wide array of requirements. Whether you are buying a house, getting hitched, registering a company or adopting a child, notarization of paperwork finalizes the authenticity of the documentation framework for a wide range of activities.

What is Notarization and why is it necessary?

Defined to be a fraud-mitigating process, notarization serves to be a guarantee of authenticity of a particular document and verifies the legality of the content as well as the signatures. Vetted for authenticity, a notarized document is paperwork signed in presence of a notary public for verification of the identities of signees.

Any document which handles legal, financial or other sensitive information must be stamped or marked for authenticity by a designated notary public. If a document is vulnerable to potential frauds or forgeries, notarizing the same can alleviate the risks of misuse and thus prevent financial losses.

What is a mobile public notary service?

Notarization is a process which represents major milestones in life as it is a requisite to safeguard and finalize paperwork for major financial or legal activities. Visiting a notary’s office is a traditional way to get your documents verified and marked by the notary officer. If you wish to save the time and hassles in going to a notary’s office and require an urgent notarization of your documents, it is best advised to opt for mobile public notary services.

As a travelling notary services provider, a mobile public notary can visit your home, office or any other place of your choice and verifies the identity of the signees to validate paperwork. Personally meeting with their clients to authenticate their paperwork or documents and marking the same for validation, a travelling notary is a convenient alternative to ensure that your documents are marked by a notary without you having to break a sweat.

An online notary offers the same services as an in-office service provider. Travelling from location to location and offering notarial services, a mobile notary can be called upon by a client to perform document and paperwork validation for various legal, financial or personal transactions.

Responsibilities of a travelling or mobile public notary

At any point when you are required to have your documents authenticated whether it is a business agreement, real estate purchase papers, medical paperwork or a will, you need not take time off your busy day and visit a public notary’s office for avail of the same.

Any Hour Mobile Notary operates successful and trusted mobile notary platforms and does the following –

  • Identity verification of the signees
  • Prevention of document fraud or forgeries
  • Be a witness to the signing process
  • Document marking with notary stamp and signature
  • Ensuring a free will of the signees in signing the document
  • Learning whether the signees are familiar with the content of the documents
  • Offer accomplished notary certificates
  • Acknowledge agreements and administer oaths

A few examples of the documents that are required to b notarized have been stated hereunder –

  • Real estate transaction paperwork
  • Some legal documents
  • Certain healthcare related documents
  • Trusts and wills
  • Car ownership transfers
  • Many financial documents
  • Affidavits
  • Power of attorney
  • Mortgage closing documents
  • Custody agreement paperwork

For all your document notarization needs, you can avail the mobile public notary services from Any Hour Mobile Notary operating nationwide.

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